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Replacing Standing Rigging

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Topic: Replacing Standing Rigging
Posted By: gizmo
Subject: Replacing Standing Rigging
Date Posted: 28 February 2019 at 09:10

Has anyone replaced the standing rigging yet?

Abenaki is now 10 years old (where did that go) and the riggers are suggesting it may be time to replace it.

Any thoughts?


430e # 161

Posted By: Alain & Anne
Date Posted: 28 February 2019 at 20:45
We did replace Uhambo' standing rigging last year after 11 years and 45000 milles.
I have had the cables and fittings made by Technique Greement in La Trinité, and I rigged and tuned the mast my self.

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Posted By: StavrosNZ
Date Posted: 01 March 2019 at 00:20
Time really means nothing its more about use and abuse and the environments in which you sail.

Have a competent rigger assess your rigging and make your decision base don that. For boats used a few times each year only in mild conditions your rigging will last a long time.

2010 H400 #691, Auckland, New Zealand

Posted By: Ratbasher
Date Posted: 01 March 2019 at 16:15
Went up the mast of my 10 year old 400 at the start of last season and found a couple of broken strands on an upper diagonal which weren't visible at all on the usual binocular-look. Checked by completely trusted rigger and advised to replace all standing rigging as a precaution. I understand that a broken diagonal most likely won't bring the mast down....unless you fly a kite.

Am aware that some boats rigging lasts well beyond the 'normal' 10 year lifespan but obviously not all do. I'm planning a round-UK and Ireland next year so glad I discovered the breaks in the safety of my home marina. In the absence of an obvious issue, I suppose when you change your rigging is down to the type of sailing your boat's done in the past, what you're planning in the future, your attitude to risk and the cash in your piggy-bank.   

If you're in the vicinity of Portsmouth can thoroughly recommend Jerry the Rigger in Gosport; very conscientious professional.      

H400 (2008) 'Wight Leopard'. Ashore for major refit 2022-23, Gosport UK

Posted By: samuel
Date Posted: 01 March 2019 at 17:30
Originally posted by StavrosNZ StavrosNZ wrote:

For boats used a few times each year only in mild conditions your rigging will last a long time.

I am not so sure that I agree fully with that.
One of my boats is a 20 ft Squib keel boat which sits on a mooring all season. We have a fleet of these & every season at least one boat owner will arrive at his boat to find a broken shroud.
I accept that these are only 4mm & the boats suffer a lot more rolling & are totally different animals-- etc etc But it is not a product of use, more one of stresses & strains of simply being on a mooring.
However, the rig on a Hanse is highly tensioned (or should be) & the wind must produce a high frequency vibration. Some owners have complained of this.
Is one, as owner, happy that this is not having a detrimental effect on the rig wire at the junctions with fittings?
I have had several fore stays in 15 years & replaced my entire rigging inc the screws at 8 years. Partly due to mast rake adjustments & partly due to having sailed hard.

Daydream Believer- Hanse 311- No GBR9917T- Bradwell Essex

Posted By: gizmo
Date Posted: 02 March 2019 at 16:11
Thanks for the comments, the foil on the fore stay needs taking down and the top cap and bearing replaced so its sensible to replace the fore stay while it is down. I will get the rest of the rig checked by the riggers while they are on the boat and take a view on what they say.


430e # 161

Posted By: nibheis
Date Posted: 05 March 2019 at 17:45
We replaced Soledad's standing rigging this winter. Soledad is 10 years old and has sailed around 25.000 nm.

Was it required ? From a technical point of you, nobody knows. If the rig stands the test of the first ten years, chances are that nothing bad will happen in the next ten years... You can inspect the rigging as much as you want and you will not see the hidden fatigue damages that will eventually make a part fall apart all of a sudden.

Is sailing the only stress that acts on the rigging. Definitively not: wind vibrating the shrouds and stays also affects the rigging in the long term; just like halyards slapping on the shrouds or spreaders, etc. you get the point.

Is a new rigging the guarantee that you are starting a problem-free 10 year period ? No: you cannot be sure you are replacing your rigging with 100% defect-free parts... BUT at least you will have a guarantee from the rigger (for what it is worth) and your insurance company will not complain that your rigging was older than 10 years in case something happens.

That is why we changed the rigging: we are on the safe side with our insurance, plus it was a nice opportunity to fully inspect/replace all sheaves, rivets, spreaders, furler, pimp up the electrical cables, etc. and learn about putting the rigging apart and back in one piece.

We were lucky and were able to strip the mast in the rigger's workshop (while he was guiding us and crimping the new cables) - it took us 3 full days to complete the work (not only the rigging). Soledad has now a completely new rigging with spiffy turnbuckles and a new dyform forestay... and I know for sure it has been put together correctly :-)

Best regards,

Posted By: Dogscout
Date Posted: 24 May 2022 at 09:39
Hello All;  I am preparing to have the standing rigging replaced on my 2008 430.  It may seem a bit late based on age but that is another story.  My rigger who is far away, has asked for the sizes and fittings so that he has the exact materials on hand when I arrive in August.  I single hand so going up the mast and measuring or taking pictures is a bit hard for me to accomplish right now.  I am wondering if anyone has a list of the fittings sizes and styles.  If so please post here.  


Adventure awaits

Posted By: nibheis
Date Posted: 24 May 2022 at 11:07
Hi Dogscout,

I have many technical drawings for the rigging, but NOT the wires lengths.
What I can do for you is find the final invoice from the rigger with all the wires length, terminal and turnbuckles.

From what I remember, the forestay is originally 1x19 but we put Dyform instead - other than that, the rest is as design and assembled by Sparcraft.

Another possibility you have is to contact Sparcraft in France, directly. Note that, sometimes, they produce different versions of the rigging for the same boat and they will ask you to measure your wires to know which version you have (I know they did for Jeanneau, could be the same for Hanse).

I think it is best if your rigger can gather all the new wires (based on my invoice) and cut them to the final size based on the length of your existing rigging.

If your rigger is going to buy the full set from Sparcraft directly, then he will have to make sure there is only one version of it - or measure your wires.

Posted By: nibheis
Date Posted: 24 May 2022 at 11:56
uploads/3803/h430_standing_rigging.pdf" rel="nofollow - h430_standing_rigging.pdf

Hi again,

Here is the extract from the rigger's invoice.

- prices are from 2019, I included the full price, removing discounts
- as previously stated, the forestay was 1x19, but I opted for dyform.
- the backstay tensioner we had was the Bamar BMT (/!\ your backstay might be longer or shorter if you have a different tensioner)
- it only contains the most basic elements (and crimping)
- if you are unstepping and changing the standing rigging, you will most probably want to inspect/change rivets and sheaves in the mast and the boom.

Hope it helps.

Posted By: Dogscout
Date Posted: 24 May 2022 at 12:08
THANKYOU nibheis

Adventure awaits

Posted By: Dogscout
Date Posted: 29 June 2022 at 14:17
Just to let you all know some of the information that I have found out.

Sorry for the different currencies, but hopefully you can work with this.

There is a code number etched into the eye fitting at the backstay.  This tells Sparcraft the date, operator, and all of the lengths, sizes and fittings.  I was barely able to read mine but what I could read was sent to both EuroSpars in the UK and to Sparcraft directly.  I got quotes from both.  7824.20 GBP for a complete package including pins and turnbuckles.  6228.00 Euro without pins turnbuckles.  neither price includes shipping but I expect it is around 500.00 Euro.  

If you look on Boatoon Hanse shop they quote a price of 3164.00 Euro.  When I tried to order from them I was told to go directly to Sparcraft.  I think that the item and price are no longer valid for  Boatoon.

My rigger quoted a much lower price and I will update this thread when it is completed later in August so that there are real numbers to look at.

Adventure awaits

Posted By: Dogscout
Date Posted: 17 August 2022 at 12:24
As promised the final bill or replacing my standing rigging on my 2008 430e.  

Materials 2429.60 GBP for Petersen wire and fittings.  Dyform V1, V2, D3.  19 strand on D1, D2, head and backstay.  Reused turnbuckle but all swaged fittings were new.  

Labor for fabrication (swaging) installation and tuning.  3770.00 GBP. Note that this also includded the teardown and reassembly of the furler.  Seized bolts

6199 GBP or 7491 USD.  Installed.  August 2022 in Gibraltar

Adventure awaits

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