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Self Tacker vs Genoa

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Topic: Self Tacker vs Genoa
Posted By: Issywa
Subject: Self Tacker vs Genoa
Date Posted: 03 August 2022 at 16:47
Apologies if I missed something during my search but I知 trying to find 430 specific solutions to dealing with the sail trim while using the self tacker. I came across some posts discussing various models but they are pretty old. 

I recently bought a 430e and in the Puget Sound, generally the winds are light and making way upwind is less than satisfactory with my self tacker. They are original so I recognize the need to replace them. I guess the main question is what to do with the jib? Stay with the 95, go bigger, add battens etc.

So I知 wondering how satisfied you are with your sail configuration after multiple seasons of use.

Note that I知 not a racer but cruising fast is way more fun! And I would define light winds as under 10 knots. Also, I have played around with barber hauler configurations but am not satisfied with that fix.

Looking forward to comments.

Posted By: Peter-Blake
Date Posted: 03 August 2022 at 17:09
I cannot speak for the 430, i own a 370 from 2008, but the 430 ist just a bigger boat from the same era.
This means the mast is much more forward than compared to the most recent models and the shrouds are not on the outside of the hull.
The selftacker on our 370 is pretty good in very strong winds and espeacially when sailing into the wind.
Downwind the selftacker is useless, exept you sail a max angle of 145degrees.
In calm winds the selftacker is not powerful enough.
Since the beginning in 2008 i have a selftacker and a big genoa. The first years i always changed between the sails depending on the wind. Since several Years we did not use the selftacker anymore.
It is better to sail with a third reef in the main and the full genoa in strong winds than having changed to the selftacker.
The power and the performance with the genoa is so much better that i do not miss the selftacker anymore. We nearly never furl the genoa! We nearly always reduce the main only.
This works from 1 to 7 Bft perfect.

GO for the genoa, it will be a complete diffrent, much more powerful, boat. We are able to match nearly the speed with normally much faster boats of the same size as X-Yacht or a Dehler 38 with our genoa and the main.

BTW using a genoa makes furling much more easy! As the sail has a diffrent shape and the sheets are running directly and not via the mast, it is a total diffrent world furling it. But in stronger winds it is important to sail downwind for some moments to furl the sail, so that it is behind the main. This is something i always did also with the selftacker. Never furl in strong headwinds. Always turn downwind for some seconds.

Blake 370

Posted By: Bitbaltic
Date Posted: 03 August 2022 at 21:03
With a much smaller Hanse (301) I壇 say that痴 a spot on critique of the self tacker. We got a new suit of sails after 2 years ownership featuring a 110% Genoa and never used the self tacking Jib again.

In some very windy conditions, say F6 up, the deep reefed Genoa can be set on the self tacking car because at that point with a small boat sail shape is less an issue than sheer windage. But I think a lot of hanses of all sizes swap to a Genoa with a small overlap with benefits that outweigh the small advantages of self tacking.

Hanse 301 'Karisma' |" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: S&J
Date Posted: 03 August 2022 at 21:31
Maybe the recent models have improved?  Both my 2015 385 and current 458 blast upwind and point well.  Sailing solo or with inexperienced crew the self tacker is certainly worthwhile.
Both boats need about 8kts true wind before they start to feel alive and below this a Genoa might be beneficial but there is certainly no need for greater sail area upwind once true wind is in double digits.
I had the Elvstrom FCL on the 385 and the equivalent Quantum sails on the 458 so these are stiff, battened and new enough to hold their shape.
Off wind in light airs I use an Elvstrom Furlstrom on a self furler.  Previously I used an asymmetric with a snuffer.

H458 #159 Primal Mediterranean cruising

Posted By: Peknielsen
Date Posted: 05 September 2022 at 22:10
I just added a Code 0 on a furling system for sailing upwind in lite conditions.  I also added an A2 Asym for downwind also on a furling system (easily interchanged while underway with the Code 0).

I did this to close the gaps in wind conditions given the limitations of the self-tacking jib.

I am going to see how this works before I decide on replacing the self-tacking jib with a 135% genoa.  The comment about the ease of use of the self-tacking jib has a lot of truth to it.

Stella Maris
2011 430

Posted By: Issywa
Date Posted: 06 September 2022 at 15:31
So I decided to replace my self tacker with a 105 made out of DP Pro Radial. Weight is 8 oz which is labeled 344 PR. I知 also replacing the main. Same material.

My logic was that these are the sails I use the most so why not address that issue first. 

In lieu of a Code 0, I am planning on adding an A2 spinnaker. I知 in the process of ordering this. 

To close out my initial post, I値l comment on how I like the sails and what changes in sailing performance I notice. Probably a couple months out.

As a side note, I知 also going to revise my single sided main sheeting to go with two separate sheets. I知 aware of the post on this site where another Hanse ripped his block out of the deck so I知 planning on adding reinforcement to my block support.

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