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Water Pump Location

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Topic: Water Pump Location
Posted By: mattplowman
Subject: Water Pump Location
Date Posted: 01 November 2023 at 23:39
Can anyone please tell me where the water pump is located? Not the raw water pump on the engine , I am talking about the pump that is connected to the main water tank and galley and head sinks etc.

I have owned the boat 6 years and have discovered pretty much all the bits and pieces but it occurred to me the other day I have never seen this pump.


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Posted By: S&J
Date Posted: 02 November 2023 at 06:30
Usually pretty close to the tank which has been in the bow (under the berth) on both my boats.  Try lifting and access panels to the bilges in your bow cabin and I think you will find it.
I have fitted an inline 5 micron carbon filter immediately after the pump.  It is disgustingly dirty at the end of the 5 month season despite me also filtering all water before it goes into the tank.  Next season I'll change it half way through.

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Posted By: mattplowman
Date Posted: 02 November 2023 at 23:11
Thank you , will look this weekend.

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Posted By: Ratbasher
Date Posted: 03 November 2023 at 06:52
Matt - they make a good bit of noise when they're running; turn the taps on and home in on the sound.

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Posted By: Stormsvalen
Date Posted: 03 November 2023 at 08:20
Hi Matt
On our 2007 400e the waterpump is situated in the shower room under a wooden cover. But, like Ratbasher said, turn a tap on and follow the soundSmile

Best regards

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Posted By: Morvoren
Date Posted: 03 November 2023 at 12:31
Just to jump on this thread , has anyone changed their water pump to anything considerably quieter ? 

Posted By: Ratbasher
Date Posted: 03 November 2023 at 15:25
No, but I re-mounted the pump on rubber feet which significantly reduces the noise.  An expansion tank in-line reduces the pump's running time also. 

H400 (2008) 'Wight Leopard' now hibernating Gosport UK until April

Posted By: Morvoren
Date Posted: 03 November 2023 at 23:15
Iíve done the same but itís still very noisy, may look at relocating it of the bulkhead . 

Posted By: Wild
Date Posted: 04 November 2023 at 10:47
Originally posted by Ratbasher Ratbasher wrote:

An expansion tank in-line reduces the pump's running time also. 
I see this comment a lot of times in this forum. Itís simply not true.
With an expansion tank in the system the pump will only not start up when you tap a small amount of water ,our not jumping up and off al the time by tapping with a small flow On the other hand when finally the pump starts up it will run a small longer time (after closing the tap)just to drive up the pressure in the expansion tank by compressing the Nitrogen gas on one side of the menbrane .
This go slower because gas is compressible water NOT. Without expansion tank the pump will reach the max pressure almost unmediately after closing the tap.
The big advantage of the expansion tanks is to compensate the pressure in the hotwater tank, buildup by heating the water, so the pressure valve of the boiler will not open so frequently.

Wild and Wet

Posted By: perry
Date Posted: 04 November 2023 at 11:20
Both my earlier Hanse had very basic water systems without expansion tank.
For what its worth:-
You can definitely improve system by fitting an expansion tank in the hot water system, the hot water circuits are isolated from cold water supply by one way valve. This will allow for the increase in pressure as the water heats; without this the pressure release valve will blow off an amount of water into bilge every time you heat water.  The cold water system benefits from a pressure accumulator that stores a volume of water and releases it when a tap is open. then the pump will cut in to re-pressurise. This provides a smooth operation for the pump and system. 
There is no essential  difference in the technology of the expansion tank or the pressure accumulator. Both best normally served by a pressure vessel with a elastomer diaphram separating the water from a  pressurised gas volume. Usually the gas can be topped up with a schraeder type car tyre valve. There are some cheap expansion tanks about without the diaphram, I have never experienced these, but doubt their long time performance.
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Posted By: Ratbasher
Date Posted: 04 November 2023 at 12:22
Really not worth arguing over a few seconds of running time for a pump; the important effect is that the overall noise nuisance is reduced with an expansion/accumulator tank on the cold system. This performs a different function to a tank fitted to the hot water side.

H400 (2008) 'Wight Leopard' now hibernating Gosport UK until April

Posted By: Brufan
Date Posted: 14 November 2023 at 17:36
Under the "pillow", fore cabin portside.  It's a Jabsco pump
It's wierd that you can't find it because it's a noisy thing


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Posted By: Morvoren
Date Posted: 14 November 2023 at 17:52
It certainly wouldnít take you long to find the pump on my 355 , itís very noisy despite mounting it on rubber feet and adding a accumulator. There must be a quieter pump available. 

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