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Hanse rudder broken..

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Topic: Hanse rudder broken..
Posted By: Ronmeul
Subject: Hanse rudder broken..
Date Posted: 30 August 2010 at 09:45
Last weekend it seems like part of the rudder just broke. My Hanse 411 is only built in 2002, so presumably tjis can't be osmose? I can not recall hitting anything, nevertheless I could feel the end about 1 meter below the cerface of the water. Today the ship will be lifted out, curious what we will find..
Does anyone have experience with this? Can Hanse deliver an original rudder and what will be the approximate cost for that or must it be custom built? Does insurance cover such thing?


Posted By: alettaenmarcel
Date Posted: 30 August 2010 at 10:45
Jeffa is able to deliver new rudders fore the hnase range.
Just look on the website.
greetings marcel

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Posted By: Johan Hackman
Date Posted: 30 August 2010 at 11:45
Originally posted by Ronmeul Ronmeul wrote:

Today the ship will be lifted out, curious what we will find..

I would be interested in seeing pictures so please don't forget your camera.


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Posted By: Nereide
Date Posted: 30 August 2010 at 12:50
If there was Osmosis, you would have seen some bubbles or blisters on the rudder at the last lift.
To be honest, i had blisters at the top of my rudder after 3 years. water seeps in thru the shaft down into the rudder. all you have to do is drill some holes in the side of the blade and you'll see water piss out.
This is a weakness i detected early on, and along with the Vang (that some others know about !) is on my winter 2010 to do list.
I'll take the rudder off, dry it out completely, and redo the fiberglassing.
I'm curious to see what sort of closed cell filling is in the sandwich. ?
I do this because, intention is to start on off shore racing in Med, and this is one thing that scares the mailto:s@#t - s@#t out of me, is to lose the rudder.
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Posted By: nightowler
Date Posted: 22 January 2012 at 12:37
I am considering buying a Hanse 411 and would welcome any advice. Did you find the cause of your broken rudder ?
Kind regards,

Posted By: Bernd vh
Date Posted: 22 January 2012 at 16:22
hey, I`m new here but not really(forgot my account some year sago).
With our 411 we had no problems with the rudder since the beginning in  2003.    We had only some minor problems with two masts broken during sailing
kind regards

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Posted By: Jøvani
Date Posted: 22 January 2012 at 16:35


I got a 411, bought second hand in the spring of 2009. No major problems since then. You should be aware that there are some changes from the 2004 to 2005. On the 2005 model there is a small bath platform.  Be aware of the location of the traveler, on some it is located in the cockpit while other it on the cabin roof.  If on the cabin roof the forces will be very strong, so look for any damages  were the traveler are bolted. I have never heard of any broken rudder on the 411.It is a nice boat sailing very well, but for sailing long distances or living in the boat without going to harbors I find the fresh water capacity somewhat limited.

Jøvani Hanse 411 #189



Posted By: ernol
Date Posted: 25 January 2012 at 11:28
Hi Chris,

Hanse have produced the 411 from late 2001 to late 2004. There have been several changes in that periode. Most inn mine opinion to save money at some to make a better solution.
The first year the produced the boats whiteout a inner-layer. Plus is that you have a more hight inn all the cabins and if you are unlucky and hit a underwater rock it is easier to see damage on the hull. Minus is that the surface under the floorboards have have only topcoating. When the started to produce boats with inner-layers the had on some 411 severe problems. The inner-layes loosened and some owners got a new boat while other boats have been repaired by a team from Hanse.
The have changed three time`s the keel shape/construction.. I`know this because we have to change our keel after a meeting with a rock in Sweden. On our boat the top off the keel lies some cm inn the hull like on the first 371. Inn one way this is maybe a better and more expensive construction then to mount the keel direct to the hull but the problem was that the last part off the keel was only a plate off cast iron that broke easy with meeting with mother earth. 
The first hanse 411 had the pedestal standing on a platform that is higher than the floor in the cockpit. Maybe not so nice but if you are not so high you can stand on this to look over the sprayhood and you have better foot support. 
Later the have changes the deck layout with a small Svimming/bath-platform, lower skylights, shorter genoa rails. Some boats have only too and not four small skyligths to make place for rails for a 110 prosent forsail.
For a unknown reason Hanse has in at least one year of production mixed several decklayout forms. With and without bath-platform etc.
In the interior they have also mixed with different type off doors f. eks in the bathroom. And different sizes/ hight on smallcupboards. Sometime with possibility to have a magazine or book on the top sometime they make the cupboards up to the deck and there is no place at the top of this.

Overall I think the 411 is a very good boat with far less problems then Hanse boats from the last 3 years


Posted By: Kaia
Date Posted: 17 November 2020 at 15:38
[QUOTE = Ronmeul] El fin de semana pasado parece que parte del timón se rompió. Mi Hanse 411 solo se construyó en 2002, por lo que presumiblemente tjis no puede ser ósmosis. No recuerdo haber golpeado nada, sin embargo, pude sentir el final a 1 metro por debajo de la superficie del agua. Hoy se sacará el barco, curioso qué encontraremos.
¿Alguien tiene experiencia con esto? ¿Puede Hanse entregar un timón original y cuál será el costo aproximado de eso o debe ser personalizado? ¿El seguro cubre tal cosa?

I'm new to the forum and I'm going over some comments and this one from the helm seems interesting to comment on my experience.
My 411 is from 2003, the second one sold in Spain. In 2006, when I crossed the Atlantic I lost the rudder blade due to delamination, in the Canary Islands, Hanse sent me a new rudder at 50% of the cost, as the warranty had expired.
A few years later I found out that the first 411 sold in Spain after a few years also lost the rudder in the same way. By investigating the reasons, I could only find out that the manufacturer of the rudders of that series made a design error.
As soon as I returned to Spain, I dismantled the new rudder and replaced it with a few layers of fibreglass, and to this day it has been without problem

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