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New Hanse 385: addtional options

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Topic: New Hanse 385: addtional options
Posted By: Ad & José
Subject: New Hanse 385: addtional options
Date Posted: 30 December 2015 at 10:26
Dear All,
A view months ago I ordered a Hanse 385. She will be delivered at the end of March 2016. However, I have still some points of discussions. Maybe 385 owners can give me advice. It concerns the following items:
1. Are the 2 LEWMAR 40 ST EVO winches large enough for Hanse 385 or is it advisable to choose for larger 45 winches? 
2. On a lot of 385 pictures (on the internet) I see that the secondary winches are located near the sprayhood. It looks that it will be difficult to turn the winch-handle with not touching the sprayhood. What is the experience of the forum? Are there any other solutions (one winch on the cockpit table, problably construction of the table will be to weak)?   
3. I want to bring the halyard for the gennaker and cunningham to the two primary winches. Will it be possible to bring two additional control lines covered by the coachroof and add two halyard stoppers (in total 6 control lines to each side)? 
4. I have ordered a stainless steel rub rail (not a wooden teak rub rail). However, I see on most pictures of the Hanse 385 no rub rail at all. Is it advisable to choose for such a rail? what is your experience?
5. I have ordered a guard rail without exits on both sides. Are you using these exits and is it advisable to order guard rails with exits? 
Thank you in advance for your answers
Best Wishes

Ad Braam

Posted By: Ida
Date Posted: 30 December 2015 at 11:34
Dear Ad,
I have no answer for you but I want to tell you that I ordered in September a 358 too.
I got no delivery date yet but I expect a handover in April. I am quite unsure what to order from the factory and what I would better install later myself. So I'll pursue this conversation and interfere when I have information.
Since I am the 60+ generation, I have ordered exits on both sides but I have no experience with that.


Posted By: Peter-Blake
Date Posted: 30 December 2015 at 11:57
Well, i do not own a 385 but a 370.

My 5 cents:

1. I have Lewmar 40 ST Winches. For my big Genoa these are quite small. i would order next time the bigger ones!
2. I do not have the secondary winches behind the Sprayhood. Only 2 close to the wheel and 2 on the coachroof. I will change sometime the 40 to 46 ones and than these old 40 will be mounted as secondary winches..
3. Cannot answer this question as it is difffrent on a 370
4. You definatly need a rubrail in netherlands as there are many small berthes! I do have a teak one. Thats the perfect one for netherlands i think. The stainless stell one looks definatly better, but sometimes it can be to small.
5. I do not have guardrail exits. Never missed them! Maybe when i get older than i may miss them.... ;_)

Blake 370

Posted By: Persse
Date Posted: 30 December 2015 at 12:11
My 385 does not have exit gates through the lifelines however if I was to order another one I would get them. For less agile crew they can be handy to slip down to a pontoon finger. I dont need them myself as I have long legs and can get up and down easily. But the problem is that I am usually helming when coming into a berth and mostly my crews have been less than proficient and need all the help they can get and it gives you a place to put a step fender. It is not a killer issue though.
In my humble opinion I would carefully think about having any work done that any level of access is required in the construction phase - just adding later a 12 volt line from the mast to the power panel is difficult. I have air-con and though I need it rarely I am very glad I did I would not have bothered to add it later. Similar radar TV stuff etc. there is not much room to access a lot of places on these boats after construction. 
The best thing I did was to get 2 electric winches they have proved useful in many ways. My wife can lift me up the mast and everything becomes so much easier ( remembering to handle properly all that power so that you dont break anything)
Rub rails are for appearance not practically in my view, far more important to carry extra good size fenders the ones supplied with my boat were too small, and use a fender board against rough wharves. Rub rails can catch on bolts sticking out of a rough pile and do more damage than just a scratch on the gelcoat.

Posted By: Fendant
Date Posted: 30 December 2015 at 12:26
Hello Persse, you are right with your comments:
Side Entry:   At first I did not want to order them. Then I saw the sceptical face of my wife when we visited a boat show, which prompted me to add them. I also have in addition a step fender, now she can get on and off easily.
Electric Winches:  Best Idea to order them, we were on a 40" Leopard cat in the Caribbean and hoisting the main was a MAJOR exercise at least once per day. Have not tried them yet for a trip up the mast
Rub Rail:  Depends where you sail, very useful in Northern Europe, but useless in the Med where almost all moorings are stern to, with fixed mooring lines
Missing:  A cable for decklight, should have been included in the standard wiring harness
Missing:  A cable for a future tricolor mast head light, shoul also be part of the  std. wiring harness
Fair Winds in 2016


Posted By: Manyata
Date Posted: 30 December 2015 at 14:21
Hi Ad

I have had a 385 since Summer 2013 - from new. 
My thoughts, as a solo sailor, and 3 seasons sailing - 

1 - Winches. The Lewmar 40's are big enough. I use them all the time - they have no issues with loads generated by a large downwind sail or genoa.

2 - Location of Winches. They are perfectly placed when factory fitted. There is plenty of clearance between the winch handle and the spray hood. I would not attempt to place them anywhere else other than where the designers of the yacht have designed them to go. Your cockpit table would get ripped clean off - and eating your breakfast off a table which is hanging off a sheet could be very tricky. Hanse have located the winches in the right place - stick with it mate. 

3 - Control Lines. No - you will not be able to get any more than 5 on each side under the coach roof. You will need to run these outside the coach roof. The limitation is due to the space for the organiser block under the coach roof.

4 - Rub Rail. I do not have one. In 3 years I have never regretted not having one. 

5 - Guard Rail Exits. Yes - get them - 100%. I very rarely have anyone on board with me - but when I do I am glad I have exits. And, sailing solo, I need to be light footed and quick when leaving and exiting a mooring - they are a must for me.

I hope the above helps - and enjoy your new 385 when she arrives - you will not be disappointed.



Posted By: Ad & José
Date Posted: 31 December 2015 at 10:24
Thanks every one for the useful answers. This is very helpful, also the remarks such as 'works that askes any level of access in the construction phase'. For instance a cable for decklight and future tricolor mast head light. I will discuss this with my dealer.

My decisions till so far:
1. Winches: I trust on the experiences of Tim and stick to Lewmar 40's
2. Location of the winches: I have not ordered secondary winches yet. After ordering, I probably follow the Hanse solution (however, please look at the nice Maxiyachts Maxi 1200 solution for the mainsheet).
3. Control Lines: I have still to find a solution for additional control lines to the cockpit (or leave then at the mast).  
4. Rub rail: Because we are starting to sail in Northen Europe I order a rub rail and will follow the advice of Frank.
5. Guard rail Exits: I will order guard rails with exits. I am not so tall and it is not a killer issue as Persse said.
Happy new year,

Ad Braam

Posted By: Gaia
Date Posted: 31 December 2015 at 14:12
Hi, Just 2 comments.
First; I have sailed hanse385 since spring 2013, mostly as single handed.

Regarding winches; I have an electrical winch on starboard side and I really regret that I did not ordered one for the port side. I'm 62 and struggling with rheumatism, so EL-winches is a my opinion. My priority one upgrade is: Upgrade to double speed el-winches on both side. 

I also ordered additional winches, but I also ordered a little bigger sprayhood than standard. I ordered the sparyhood from "kapell & annat"in Sweden and I'm really happy with that decision, especially when  thinking about weather condition in Norway during spring and fall. The problem is that the additional winches are in conflict with the sprayhood. I have to fell down the sprayhood in order to use the additional winches. But honestly speaking; it is rarely I use the additional winches. 
Hanse 385 is my 6. sailboat and it will be the boat I will spend my my time onboard as retired. It is fun to sail, easy to handle alone or for a couple and a perfect size for a couple with space enough to invite friends and family onboard.

Kind regards
Gaia, the sailor from Lillesand (in Norway)

The sailor from Lillesand, Norway

Posted By: charentebob
Date Posted: 31 December 2015 at 15:45
Hi Ad

Unlike Peter the Admiral, I will add my five-penny worth (well I am English)!

1) Winches. If manual I'd go for the 45's as I'm 67 & am bound to go down hill further. However I'd order EL winches as it is bound to make life easier in many ways.
2) & 3) The standard cockpit hood should not be a problem for secondary winches but the other solution is to lead the other sheets back down the deck or coach roof via deck organisers & install a stopper outside the cockpit but in range of the primary winches. This will allow multiple use of the primarys.
4) Rub rail. I think this depends upon your sailing area. For me in the Med it scores 1 out of 10 in the UK it might be different or other parts of Northern Europe.
5) Rail gates. There is one aspect of this subject which has not been discussed & that is the MAN-OVERBOARD situation. With gates you probably don't need to cut the lifelines to get someone onboard. I'm considering having a ladder of some kind that can be deployed rapidly so that a casualty could climb (perhaps with assistance) on board. For me these are a must have addition not just an added convenience.

Waterproof Power point in the cockpit
Wiring as a minimum for a foredeck light.
Spreader lights for main sail handling.
Light in the anchor locker.

Hope my ideas are of some value & best wishes for 2016 & your new shiny boat.


Posted By: gertha
Date Posted: 31 December 2015 at 16:53
A thought or two.
My experience is on a 370.

Hanse will put aluminium in deck where they fit them, then tap straight on to plate, any other location you will need to reinforce.
As a price policy Hanse used to load the extras with a big margin, this may not still be the case. For me it was cheaper to buy standard winches , I then upgraded the primaries and moved originals to secondary location.

My teak rub rail has has good use; bow too in Holland , Germany and Baltic between posts the wood takes the rub, depends where you are going to sail.

Rail gates I would never have as more people have fallen over board through them then ever saved by them; but again depends on crew and sailing.


Swanned off

Posted By: charentebob
Date Posted: 31 December 2015 at 17:38

You make a good point about the potential hazard of falling through rail gates. In 30 years of sailing I've never gone overboard, slipped off a pontoon or fallen out of a dinghy. Neither any member of crew either. I think it's a matter of having a safety culture on board & making sure everyone is sticking to it. Sadly not everyone does.


Posted By: Fendant
Date Posted: 01 January 2016 at 20:31

I do not understand the comments on the danger of rail gates:Question How can you fall through a 50 cm wide gate, when it is closed with upper and lower pelican hooks. I see the advantage in a POB Situation. IMHO the folding bathing platform without a permanentyl fixed ladder is a major design flaw.

Concerning electric winches I saw the installation during my visit to the yard. Happy with my decision for two reasons:
a) Impossible to install them afterwards without ripping the interior apart
b) Vastly enhanced resale value of the boat in a couple of years ( I think electric winches will become a Standard like aircon became a Standard in cars
Lesson learned form this thread:
A light in the anchor locker, will install a battery powered LED this spring Smile


Posted By: RalphK
Date Posted: 08 January 2016 at 13:07


another few cents from a 6 months new 385 owner:

The standard 40 winches seem to be ok for me, I never had a problem so far. This spring I will receive a Parasailor sail, will see if then the only two 40 St winches will be sufficient.

I missed to order additional ones but learnt during my factory visit that the aluminum reinforcements are installed within the GFK body regardless if you order the additional winches or not. So if one purchases the little bracket and fixes it at precisely the foreseen location this should be easy. On the other hand it will be more difficult to use secondary winches if you are single handed, the standard ones close to the wheel are very well placed.

I also missed to upgrade to electrical winches, at least on the starboard side as there are the halyards and most important sheets I would love to have one. I still plan to upgrade this later ( as I am approaching 62 years of age, too) but it looks rather difficult to feed the stiff big dia wires all the way to the main batteries. Maybe I will install a separate battery for the winches in the storage room below and just feed small dia charging wires.

If you will stay in the North you definitely will enjoy having a rub rail as you will get into contact to wooden poles all the times, while going thru you cannot have the bumpers out.  Also the exits in the guard rails are very helpful if you berth side-by-side as it happens in full harbors.

Did you order a bow thruster? It is very expensive but also very helpful. Only if you extract it it will retract automatically after one minute or so if not used, so one better pushes one button for a millisecond during harbor maneuvers, otherwise it might be in operational in the moment you need it. And one should move very slowly while engaged, especially backwards, max 1.5 - 2 kn.

Some more wires factory fitted would be excellent but I don't understand Fendant's wish for a tricolor light. The factory fitted lights are LEDs with very low consumption, and a tricolor has safety issues, I would not like this.

Other than this I am very happy with my 385, very little issues, almost nothing and where good support by the dealer - so I am looking forward to good time onboard.

I took her from Greifswald myself and sailed westwards. This spring I will move her from Baltic (Fehmarn) via Helgoland to the Ijsselmeer. Will you be there, too?

Oh, one thing,
if you take yours in Greifswald, too, make sure to have the aluminun prop shaft and the prop itself properly antifouled, the local company there forgot mine, see below when I took her out last fall. Other then this the local company did a good job and was well equipped, I bought quite some things there.

Separetyl I ordered a combined sprayhood / cockpit tent from which I really enjoyed during some nasty weather habor days last fall. The combination allows to easily remove the sides, so then it just is a bimini. I plan to install some photovoltaic panels on top of the bimini later.

All the best


SY Wind Pearl, Hanse 385#358

Posted By: Ida
Date Posted: 09 January 2016 at 07:40
Hallo Ralph,
thank you for your very useful informations. Although my dealer promised me to inform me about 6 weeks before the start of construction, yesterday I got an email that next week the construction starts. Becaus I trusted to make many important decisions about the equipment in Düsseldorf at the "boot" I´m now forced to make decisions based only on theory.

The Hanse-price for sprayhood and a small cockpittent (ends in front of helms) is about 5000,-€. It would be helpful to know what the price of yours was.

Posted By: Fendant
Date Posted: 09 January 2016 at 09:59
I would not order the sprayhood and the cockpit tent from the Hanse Yard. Their local supplier is clearly substandard in terms of material quality and workmanship. This was one of my lessons learned in 2013.
Hanse seems to be very shy to accept these canvas faults. They never accepted that the lazy bag was too small ( I had to pay the bill for a fixingt his ) and reluctantly supplied a bigger mast hood after numerous interventions by my dealer 1 year (!) later.
I don't know where you are based, but I would order canvas work from a local supplier, who uses Quality material like Sunbrella (r), and installs everything himself. If you have any issues he will be around quickly and sort them out.
I did this with my Bimini, he designed it with input from me , produced it,  installed it and even repaired a defective zipper one year later without any charge. The design and the quality has caught the attention of some other Hanse owners, who have now ordered for their boats as well.
If you have any more questions, just PM me with a contact number.


Posted By: RalphK
Date Posted: 09 January 2016 at 15:31

I agree to Fendants comment, you should not order the sprayhood and others from the factory, too many in between.
As said I ordered at, they are based at Greifswald in line of view of the factory but not linked to. I paid 4.000 € for all, sprayhood, bimini and cockpit tent including installation and am very happy with the quality, I'll send a PM with a copy to you.  The bimini is specified up to 6 bft. wind, and looks very convincing.
I ordered maybe 4 or 6 weeks before Wind Pearl was supposed to be handed over. They installed the sprayhood already on the day of the hand over, took all necessary data / distances for the bimini / cockpit tent the next day and delivered the whole thing one week later at Rostock where I had sailed to in between. Maybe now as they have all the data they probably wont need the week in between anymore.
The downside is that you don't have the sailmaker close to your home but the upside is that you already have it on your transfer sailing.

Take care.


SY Wind Pearl, Hanse 385#358

Posted By: Ad & José
Date Posted: 15 January 2016 at 22:45
Hi all,
Thanks for all the information. I started this questions concerning the additional options and it is good to read all the replies and useful discussions. Especially for me because this is our first boat. We hired for 6 years several sailing ships as well in the Netherlands as in Croatia, for instance Bavaria 34, 44, 37, Elan 384, Jeanneau 36i, Hanse 385 and Dehler 38. The Dehler 38 has certainly the best sailing characteristics, but I am 63 years old and therefore we choose for a boat more easy to handle and fun to sail (as Gaia was saying) or you can also say that we had chosen for the thicker sister of the Dehler 38 with a more beautiful interior and saloon (I do not like the round cabinets and the too small hull portlights of the Dehler).     

I ordered already the rub rail (only steel, I do not like the wooden rub rail) and the guard rail with exits. Further I did not order the electrical winches, I see already the soil of the treasury and the strict look of my wive. I stay as well with the standard light system. Yes, Ralph I have ordered a bow thruster. I ordered the sprayhood and cockpittent as well. However, this will be made by De vries sails after the boat is delivered in the Netherlands and after we have discussed our wishes. 

Ida, strange that the already started with your boat, I ordered my boat in August and the dealer was saying a to me 2 weeks ago that they start to build half February and the delivery will be end of March.   

Ralph (Wind pearl), we will start sailing on the IJsselmeer and later sailing to Belgium and England, please look at a Hanse 385 with an orange gennaker (produced by Hagoort Sails), we still looking for a name of the boat. Maybe we will meet each other.           

Ad Braam

Posted By: Ida
Date Posted: 16 January 2016 at 00:00
@ Ad (& José):
It´s indeed strange that my boat starts building this week although I ordered a month later than you.
The main things of my boat are:
We cancelled the order of sprayhood&tent, therefore we took the one like RalfK showed above.
3 cabins
furling main
electric winches
bow thruster
short keel
exits on both sides
big cockpittable
rub rails (not from hanse) :

Posted By: Ad & José
Date Posted: 22 January 2016 at 12:03
Dear Ida and others,
I believe that we have to close this topic. I still have another question concerning the purchase and use of a code zero on 385. For this subject I will start a new topic. Thanks everyone for the answers and discussions concerning this topic and I am looking forward to receive my new boat at the end of March.

Ad Braam

Posted By: Rock
Date Posted: 30 January 2016 at 17:33
I'm looking to put a stainless steel rub rail on. Solid 25mm wide 7mm thick, round, with holes pre drilled.
This is what I see on most Dehlers and Hanses in Düssseldorf.

Has anybody done this themselves yet?

I was wondering wether the screws should go in the hull through and through or not.

Preferable not, depending on the thickness of the hull at that point.

Any experience out there?


Hanse 400e "M-square2" #0241

Posted By: Ad & José
Date Posted: 02 February 2016 at 21:22
Hanse will mount a stainless rub rail (only steel, no wooden rail), but I do not know how they do it.

Posted By: Fendant
Date Posted: 03 February 2016 at 06:36
Ad, are you sure that the stainless steel rail is drectly bolted through the hull? ( No way to do lasting adhesive bonding of SS on GRP ).
The ones I have seen at the yard in 2013 on the luxury class ( Moody ) were fixed to a wooden rub rail with screws ( like on the photo above ).


Posted By: Ad & José
Date Posted: 03 February 2016 at 12:53
Yes, Frank, I ordered only the steel rub rail and I believe the rail will be mounted in the Netherlands after delivery. 

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